When character player Antoni Corone launched his screen career in the mid-'80s, producers immediately foresaw a perfect niche for him, and started casting him as rugged, slightly imposing and domineering types -- including club bouncers, security personnel, military men, and officers of the law. 

   He bowed with a slate of roles in the 1980’s, including the tele-movies Charley Hannah , Somebody’s Gotta Shoot the Pictures,  Bill Condon’s Murder 101 and  the BBC’s Only Fools and Horses.  He eventually graduated to big-screen character actor with bit parts in such A-list Hollywood features as Blood and Wine (1996), Striptease (1996), Wild Things (1997) and The Truman Show (1998). 

In 2001, he was added as Fran Urbano in HBO’s OZ and his career  has been on an upward climb since

      Corone rose to higher billing with a supporting turn in Bad Boys II (2003) and Out of Time (2003)  Then in the Joaquin Phoenix/Mark Wahlberg crime saga We Own the Night (2007).  He teamed with Phoenix again in Terry George’s  Reservation Road  (2007) turning in a understated, spot on performance as Srgt Burke .

   He was then  cast  as  the “take no crap “Col. Lyons in Greenzone (2010) and I Love You Phillip Morris (2010) where he takes his first comedy turn as  the Texas  ex astronaut millionare Dan  Lindholm. 

   Look for Corone in an  emotionally charged performance in the  faith based “Loving the Bad Man “  ( winner of the  Golden Palm Award Mexico international film festival 2010) and his comedic turn as the  ex latin dance phenom  Machette Sam in Tony Tango.(2012)


Written by: Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide